About us

After 32 years, we, Chris and Luc, quit our job in the financial sector to live an old dream.  Being native citizens of Mechelen, we fancied to have visitors discover our beautiful city.

"Moonlighting Tours" is our means to share our passion for our town. A wink to the nickname of the citizens of Mechelen ("the Maneblussers – the Moon extinguishers"), is not far away. You will discover our vibrant hometown through its authentic stories with a touch of humour and a touch of history. And what a history Mechelen has to offer: from the beguines, over the Burgundian dukes to Napoleon who climbs the tower of St. Rumbold’s! From the Sinte-Mette Garden to "oep den Beirendans", truly, so many picturesque squares and historic monuments flavour your city tour.  

Mechelen has been transformed over the last 20 years: streets and squares have been embellished, the city centre has become car-free (bicycles rule the street since October 2019), and quiet city gardens and many flowers make the picture complete. You can admire the beautiful facades, shop or enjoy a drink on the sunny terraces ... or listen to 2 super-enthusiastic  tourguides and Ambassadors of Mechelen  who lead their visitors on their voyage through the city of the Dyle 😉.

Of course, quality is very important to us and we endorse the "Deontological code for guides and tour guides" of Tourism Flanders.

Hope to see you soon!

 tel: +32 (0) 486 20 27 39 - Luc       +32 (0)486 20 11 21 - Chris