General terms and conditions

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all activities booked with Moonlighting Tours - Luc Houman (hereinafter referred to as "MT"), unless otherwise agreed in writing between parties.

  2. Activities are organized for groups of minimum 6 up to maximum 15 adult participants. Any deviations are to be agreed between parties.

  3. MT must receive the reservation request for an activity at least 14 calendar days before the visit. An activity reservation becomes effective 5 calendar days after receipt of MT's confirmation. This confirmation will be sent by email.

  4. For each activity, MT makes the necessary reservations, changes and cancellations with partners. Payments are always made to MT, contacts with partners are always made by MT and not directly by the client.

  5. Each request for an activity is checked by MT against the availability and, if applicable, against the availability of its partners.

  6. Each activity starts at the place and time indicated in the booking confirmation. There is a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes in case of delay, after which MT will consider the activity to be cancelled without prior notice (see point 11).

  7. An activity lasts in general 2 hours. A shorter tenor can be agreed upon at the same rate. For activities lasting longer, EUR 20 per extra hour will be charged.

  8. Changes to the activities or the number of participants can only be communicated to MT by email. Changes are possible up to 5 days before the day of the activity and subject to possible acceptance by partners. If a change in the activity has an impact on the price, MT shall send a confirmation by email.

  9. The rates mentioned on the website are valid. For activities with the intervention of partners, rates that apply will be confirmed in the confirmation of the reservation. An administration fee of EUR 5 per reservation will be charged for activities with the intervention of partners.

  10. Payment for activities must be made, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, no later than 5 days before the date of the activity to the account number of MT indicated on the invoice or order form. If MT does not receive payment in time, MT shall be entitled to cancel the reservation.

  11. Cancellations of reservations/activities must be notified to MT in writing by email, the cancellation will be confirmed by MT. No fee will be charged if the cancellation is notified 5 days before the day of the activity. For cancellations made between 5 and 3 days before the day of the activity, a sum of 20% of the total amount will be charged. For cancellations made 2 days before the day of the activity or in the event of a renunciation without notice, the total amount will be charged. These amounts shall be increased by any costs and fees charged for cancellations by partners to MT.

  12. Without prejudice to the legal provisions governing the issue of invoices, the client will confirm in the reservation whether an invoice needs to be issued in order to speed up the administrative processing.

  13. MT cannot be held responsible and does not assume any responsibility for any accidents or for shortcomings on the part of a partner.

  14. MT respects the privacy provisions with regard to the processing of personal data. For details, click here.

  15. By making a reservation, the client declares to have read the general terms and conditions and to have expressly accepted them.

  16. Complaints must be submitted in writing (letter or email) to MT, p.a. Wilgenstraat 103, 2800 Mechelen-Belgium, within a period of 14 calendar days from the date of the activity.

  17. Contact details: telephone - contact form.

  18. Unless otherwise provided by law, MT is authorised to bring any dispute, regardless of whether it is a plaintiff or a defendant, before the courts of Mechelen.